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Made in Austria

Made in Austria

Quality made in Austria. Our software is designed and developed by qualified specialists in Austria!

Poker Bet

Poker Bet offers a unique gaming concept which allows to place bets on a simplified variant of Texas Hold’em Poker where 10 virtual players are competing against each other on a single table. A player’s cards are face-down (hidden) but visible to the customer on the ticket print out. The possibility to raise the stake once on an already placed bet (doubling) introduces diverse playing strategies.


  • Bets on the victory of a selected player
  • Combo-bet on victory and correct suit of the river card
  • Raising stake on already placed bets (doubling)
  • Attractive design
  • Display of customer-specific logo possible
  • User interface optimized for touchscreen
  • Comprehensive statistics and evaluations
  • 24/7 poker fun – more than 3000 games per week!
  • Certified random number generator

Available Plattforms

  • Shop system
  • Terminal